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A Message Regarding: COVID-19 Vaccinations

Members will be aware that health regulations in response to COVID-19, such as movement restrictions, lockdowns and vaccination status rules in specific locations, is the responsibility of the various state and territory governments. As such, Pipe Bands Australia (National) has resisted issuing umbrella advice to members. Instead we are relying on the interpretation and implementation of State Health orders and advice by our branches, specific to their state. 

Pipe Bands Australia would like to acknowledge its member’s rights and personal freedoms, specifically their choices around COVID19 vaccination. We have, in Australia, experienced a diverse range of restrictions across the different states and territories.  Given the reliance on vaccination rates to manage these restrictions, we can expect a mixed bag of implementations across our country.  Currently, the various state by state opening strategies have differentiated freedoms afforded to people based on their vaccination status.  As a group passtime, the viability of a pipe band’s activities will be affected by the vaccination choices of the individuals within the various bands. With that in mind, at the National Conference, National Council passed the following motion:

Pipe Bands Australia encourages all of its members who are medically able, to be vaccinated at the earliest opportunity, so as to ensure that they are able to participate in all our events. Pipe Bands Australia notes that people attending any of our events are required to comply with all public health orders and directions of Governments in the relation to the management of COVID-19 in the relevant states.

Pipe Bands Australia reminds bands that it is their individual responsibility to protect the safety of their members and comply with local regulations around COVID safety when returning to band practices and events. As part of the sanctioning of events such as competitions, the various branches of Pipe Bands Australia will continue to ensure that required COVID safety plans are in place.

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