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People, music and performance define the journey of pipe bands in Australia - from the early Scottish settlers who brough with them to farms and the goldfields a culture and tradition worth celebrating.


They established major highland gatherings and, later, pipe bands to advance the music of Scotland in their adopted homeland.


Today, Pipe Bands Australia is one of the temporary custodians of that legacy and is responsible for nurturing contemporary excellence in piping and drumming across the nation.


Our College training programs are recognised around the world for their teaching and inspiration of aspiring pipers and drummers. Our Summer School is one occasion when like-minded enthusiasts come together to improve and develop their proficiency and skills as many also do at special workshops held in various states.

The biennial championships are a celebration of achievement in performance formany of our bands and a time to welcome visiting ensembles from across the Southern Hemisphere.

And these bands, when not on the competition field, are an integral part of the social fabric in their local communities, honourng the traditions forged by early settlers and augmented over the decades with passion handed down through the generations.

Pipe Bands Australia is a contemporary organisation encouraging people to perform their music with skill, innovation and commitment as we continue to celebrate the people and their music as members of a world-wide family!

Chris Earl


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