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Victorian Bands

Ballarat Grammar Pipe Band

TartanModern Holyrood
Grade4B & Novice Juvenile B


The Ballarat Grammar Pipe band is one of the newest pipe bands in Australia, and based in one of only a handful of schools in Australia that offers Bagpipes and Highland Drumming as part of its extra-curricular activities.


In 2016, the Band competed for the first time at Daylesford (Victoria), completing the season in their school uniform. In 2017, the late David Haymes became the Band’s benefactor, kitting the Band out in the ‘Modern Holyrood’ tartan.


The Band attended their first (national) Australian Pipe Band Championships in 2022 in New South Wales, achieving 2nd place in 4B and being crowned as Drumming Champions. The Band has its sights set internationally in the not-too-distant future.


The Ballarat Grammar Pipe Band comprises students from Year 4 through to Year 12. The Band is under the direction of Amber Ives (piping) and Ed Roxburgh (drumming), and actively performs throughout the school calendar and wider Ballarat community events.

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