Special memo: Australian championship regulations

Bands preparing to enter the 2016 Australian Pipe Band Championships are reminded to fully acquaint themselves with Pipe Bands Australia Contest Regulations 2012 – these are the regulations that will apply at the championships, Knox Grammar School Sydney on 1 and 2 October (available at www.pipebands.asn.au).

Particular attention is drawn to the following regulations which may be the focus of checks of bands competing at the championships


A.2.01.01 A Branch shall upon a band first registering with it allocate it to a Grade, and shall from time to time (and on the direction of the Association's Grading Committee) review the grading of all bands registered with it. A Branch may at any time review the grading of a band either of its own motion or on the application of that band. A review of grading shall be carried out in accordance with these Rules.


A.2.03.01 A player may compete as a member of a Juvenile band until the end of the period of registration with the Association during which that player attains 18 years of age.

A.2.03.02 On first registering with a Juvenile band, a player shall submit proof of age to the satisfaction of the Association.


A.3.01.01 A person shall not be eligible to play in a contest with a band until 14 days after that band has registered that person as a player for contest in the manner from time to time prescribed by the Association (except as the Association otherwise determines) and, if registered as a player for contest by another band, that band has furnished a clearance confirming that the player is under no financial or like obligation to that band.

Registrations of players to compete at the Australian Championships close Midnight WST 16 September 2016


B.1.04.01 A band shall compete in its accepted Pipe Band uniform approved by the Association.

B.1.04.02 The uniform of all members of a band shall be the same except in the following minor details: feather bonnets, swords, dirks, skean dhu, sashes, pennants, lanyards, epaulettes in respect of Pipe Major, Drum Major, Pipe Sergeant and Drum Sergeant; badges of rank; leopard skins and feather bonnets in basic section; standard differences in tartan and accepted and traditional style of dress between pipers and drummers, provided however that if the Contest Supervisor shall permit a player to compete with a band pursuant to Rule 1.02.05 of this Part, the Contest Supervisor may also direct the Dress Judge to disregard any infringement of this Rule resulting from the player being unable, by reason of injury or illness to comply in all respects with this Rule, and provided further that the Association may permit an individual difference for reasons of religious belief or ethnic tradition.


B.1.16.08 A band shall be eligible to lodge an entry to compete at an Australian Pipe Band Championship if and only if (1) it has been registered with the Association or affiliated association for at least six months; and (2) throughout that period of six months there have been players comprising the minimum complement prescribed in Rule B.1.02 for its grade registered as players for contest with the band.

Inquiries on registration matters to:

PBA Registrar Raylee Riley registrar@pipebands.asn.au

Inquiries on PBA Contest Regulations on rules in the first instance to:

Principal Rules and Administration Don MacSween donald.macsween@optusnet.com.au


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