Special memo: Australian championships gradings

Bands entering the 2016 Australian Pipe Band Championships in Sydney on 1 and 2 October are reminded that grading is subject to review at the discretion of the National Grading Committee as detailed in Contest Regulations of Pipe Bands Australia that in part states:

A.2.01.01 A Branch shall upon a band first registering with it allocate it to a Grade, and shall from time to time (and on the direction of the Association's Grading Committee) review the grading of all bands registered with it.

Bands affiliated with overseas jurisdictions will be requested to provide details of their playing roster and evidence of current allocated grade within that jurisdiction along with other relevant information to guide National Grading Committee in assessing and recommending confirmation of a band’s grade of entry at the Australian Pipe Band Championships. Self-nomination of grade is inconsistent with the requirements for grading as determined by National Council.

Such bands will be advised either before the close of entries or within a week of closure of any determination made by National Grading Committee affecting a band’s grading status as recorded on the official entry form.

Bands desirous of competing in the Juvenile championship are also reminded of the requirements attached to registration of tutors under the Contest Regulations of Pipe Bands Australia.

A.3.06 INSTRUCTORS A.3.06.01 A band allocated to Grade 4 or competing in Juvenile Grade may register one piping and one drumming tutor as if a player for contest in the manner prescribed under this Chapter, notwithstanding that that tutor may be registered and eligible for contest with another band not being a Grade 4 or Juvenile Grade band. A tutor shall not be registered as such by more than one band at any time.

A.3.06.02 A tutor registered pursuant to this clause may compete as well with the Grade 4 or Juvenile Grade band as with the other band with which the tutor is so registered.

A.3.06.03 A drumming tutor playing with a Grade 4 or Juvenile Grade band under the provisions of this clause shall not perform as leading snare drummer.

A.3.06.04 The provisions of clause A.3.01 shall apply to tutors registered as such under this clause.

A.3.06.05 A person shall not be eligible to be registered as a tutor under this rule unless that person holds at least the relevant Intermediate Certificate of the Australian Pipe Band College or its equivalent recognised by the College.

Where such registrations are lodged or in the case of bands affiliated with an overseas jurisdiction, proof of qualification is to be provided for verification.

All bands are again reminded of the Pipe Bands Australia memo of 7 April that can be found at https://apbc2016.files.wordpress.com/2015/11/pipe-bands-australia-special-memo-rules-and-regulations-of-the-2016-championships.pdf

Inquiries on registration matters to:

PBA Registrar Raylee Riley registrar@pipebands.asn.au

Inquiries on PBA Contest Regulations on rules in the first instance to:

Principal Rules and Administration Don MacSween donald.macsween@optusnet.com.au

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