Government responds to PBA on African Blackwood listing

Pipe Bands Australia has received the following advice from the Federal Government on the import/export of musical instruments following the listing on CITES of Dalbergia species including African Blackwood

“Most international imports and exports of items containing Dalbergia species must now be accompanied by relevant CITES documentation. Non-commercial export of rosewood items weighing a total of less than 10 kilograms does not require a CITES permit. This permit exemption was introduced specifically with travelling musicians in mind.

“A musician travelling with an instrument(s) containing Dalbergia species that weighs less than 10 kilograms in total does not require a CITES permit. Imports and exports of items containing Daibergia species weighing more than 10 kilograms must be accompanied by relevant CITES documentation regardless of the purpose of the export or import. CITES documentation must be obtained prior to the movement of the item.

“Implementation of CITES requirements may differ internationally. Requirements for both the importing and exporting countries should be confirmed with the relevant CITES Management Authority prior to travel."

Department of Environment and Energy also provided the following key contact information

Contact details for international CITES Management Authorities are available at: https://cites.org/eng/cms/index.php/component/cp

Australian CITES requirements are described in detail at http://www.environment.gov.au/biodiversity/wildlife-trade/trading.

Australia's application form for CITES permits is available at: https/forms.businessgov.au/smartforms/servletISmartForrn.pdf?forrnCode=WTPH

You may wish to make any further queries about requirements for trade in CITES listed species, including rosewood, directly to the Wildlife Trade Regulation team on 02 6274 1900 (option '3') or by emailing wildIifetrade@environment.gov.au

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