Applying prior learning within Australian Pipe Band College


Pipe Bands Australia offers an RPL for qualifications within the Australian Pipe Band College recognised as key achieving and maintaining standards of proficiency for players, drum majors, administrators and adjudicators over many decades,

An RPL is recognition of prior learning that every educational institution offers. We recognise certificates obtained from sister organisations overseas and qualifications from other educational institutions.

Where the qualifications match our syllabus, you may be granted an RPL and you will be given credit towards a certain qualification by Pipe Bands Australia.

How is this assessed?

There are of course thousands of educational qualifications around the world that overlap some of our certificates. Some syllabi change annually and our certificate courses are also regularly reviewed to keep up with international standards. Therefore each application, (as with any other educational institution), is assessed by Pipe Bands Australia on its merits.

The onus is on the applicant to provide evidence of their qualification and the content of the syllabus at the time of completion. You may also be asked to sign a release to allow other educational institutions to release details to Pipe Bands Australia. Your qualification is then compared against the current Pipe Bands Australia certificate being sought and an RPL could then be granted for part or even the qualification in its entirety, if it was felt that the syllabi match completely.

Can you give me an example?

A good example of how the system works is where a candidate is applying for an RPL towards their Pipe Bands Australia Teaching Diploma. The candidate proves that they hold a Bachelor Degree of Education with a recognised educational institution. After confirmation it is quite possible that they will be granted an RPL toward the basic teaching methodology component of the certificate, but would likely be required to complete the practical lessons to ensure that they were capable of passing on the specialist musical components of the syllabus requirements.

A candidate with an equivalent Advanced certificate from an overseas organisation with a very similar syllabus would likely be granted a full RPL for their PBA Advanced certificate, but a candidate with a mainstream music degree may not, as we would not be convinced that they have the specialised piping or drumming knowledge required to complete the certificate.

In the case of Rules and Administration, members of another panel within College (piping, drumming, drill and dress), may be granted RPLs for early examination levels but are required to sit the Advanced level examination.

How can I find out more?

Pipe Bands Australia has a detailed policy displayed on the website that gives all details of the RPL procedure. The Assessment and Accreditation Policy can be seen here

College Examination Enrolment details and fees can be found on the College pages of the Pipe Bands Australia website www.pipebandsaustralia.com.au


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