Towards an online membership platform

Updated: Dec 21, 2019

A concept brief has been prepared for the development of an online membership management database and payment platform for Pipe Bands Australia.

With the greater use of technology and less predictable service times for carriage of mail by Australia Post and in response to member feedback, Pipe Bands Australia has identified the need to move membership management to an online platform that is user-friendly for bands, branches and other levels of the organisation while maintaining robust observance of member privacy.

Key criteria for a new platform include:

  • To allow bands to register, renew and clear players online and make payments online using the same platform and to access band reports when required;

  • Solo/individual members be able to register and renew online with the same protocols as required of bands.

  • To allow branches to access reports for bands and players within their branch.

  • To allow college principals to access details of all accredited adjudicators/contest supervisors within their division. Vice-principals would have access to same within their branch.

  • Streamline the registration process while retaining approval protocols and administration duties of the registrar, and provide accurate data for communication by PBA and its branches with members.

Work on development of platform models is about to commence and members with an interest in being appointed to a reference group to develop protocols surrounding the operation and use of an online platform are invited to provide details of their interest, together with details of experience in database management in the online environment, to the secretary (secretary@pipebands.asn.au) by 14 July 2017.

This group will provide national management committee and national council with informed knowledge required to assess models being developed.


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