PBA Contest Regulations updated

Australian competitions will be conducted under a new set of Pipe Bands Australia contest regulations following review of proposed amendments over the past 18 months by bands and national council.

It is the first update of Pipe Bands Australia contest regulations in more than five years and has seen consultation and engagement with bands through four tranches of ballots, adoption of changes by national council and review of the document by national management committee, national councillors and the Principal Rules and Administration together with vice-principals.

The 2017 version of contest regulations reflects amendments to existing rules and the inclusion of some trials rules that have subsequently been adopted as permanent regulations.

New regulations include clear definition of the Grade 4 MSR requirements better aligning Australia with championships conducted in Scotland and amendments that seek to remove inconsistencies and contradictions.

Bands are thanked for their participation in the four ballots since January 2016 to clear the backlog of proposed amendments that had been awaiting their input to guide national council in making determinations.

Thanks are also extended to Principal Rules and Administration Jamie Forsyth for guiding the process of preparing the new set of contest regulations.

The new regulations will apply from 1 July with a final review process during the first six months should any refinement be required.

The Contest Regulations of Pipe Bands Australia 1 July 2017 document is available for download from the PBA website.


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