Membership validity confirmed

Pipe Bands Australia yesterday became aware of an unauthorised email distributed by an official of the association claiming several nominations received for positions within the association were invalid.

It can be confirmed:

* That the president Chris Earl has provided evidence of his financial membership for 2017-2018 having been paid on 2 May 2017. The registrar has since confirmed this and offered an apology.

* That it is practised policy of Pipe Bands Australia, reiterated by national council last August, to provide a two-month grace period for renewal of memberships due on 1 July annually and required to be paid no later than 30 August to retain financial status.

Investigations indicate that all nominees and nominators are financial members within the definition and practice of that policy. It is noted that should renewals not be paid by 30 August by any nominee or the person nominating them, the nomination would be deemed ineligible. Consistent application of policy and interpretation guides the process.

This matter underscores the important decision of Pipe Bands Australia to commence development of an online membership and registration platform to ensure integrity of the membership process aligns with professional practice expected by members.

Pipe Bands Australia is extremely disappointed that an official chose to circulate such an email and will further investigate the matter.


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