Feedback call from juvenile bands on proposed changes

Australia’s juvenile bands will be asked for their views on amending the current age definition and splitting juvenile contests into two sections.

This follows consideration of two proposals from Queensland at the weekend’s biennial national conference.

Queensland has proposed that Australia adopt the same cut-off date as the RSPBA for members of Juvenile bands, which is 1 November. “The purpose is mainly to aid bands which travel to Scotland and base their annual program on this.

“For example, players (just turned 18 after 1st November) who play at the Worlds in August, are currently not able to play in Australia in a Juvenile Band after 1 July and if an Australian Championships is held in the latter half of the calendar year, they could not play in Juvenile grade, which seems rather restrictive.”

A verbal proposal during conference from Queensland to also consider following the RSPBA model of grading juvenile bands and the music requirements was also considered.

It was advocated that Australia now has several high-performing juvenile bands emerging from schools in several states and some school now had “B” and “C” as part of skill progression pathways for young pipers and drummers.

Council agreed both proposal may have merit but has directed a survey of all juvenile bands be first conducted to gain their views on whether support exists for any change to age definition and creation of grading for juvenile bands.

The survey will be undertaken before the end of this year.

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