Examinations offer learning pathways

Pipe Bands Australia offers internationally-recognised examinations through the Australian Pipe Bands College syllabus in piping, drumming and drill and dress.

Recently, piping and drumming examinations have been conducted in Hong Kong together with regular examinations continuing around Australia.

Players considering undertaking the structured courses are encouraged to speak with college principals or the vice-principals in their branch to discover more about the learning opportunities and workshops to assist in preparation.


  • Application to sit enrolment should be lodged with your branch secretary and include the prescribed examination fee. Where required, in the case of a school or government department, an invoice will be raised but again, this must be prior to sitting an examination.

The enrolment form and schedule of fees are available to download from the education and training section of the Pipe Bands Australia website www.pipebandsaustralia.com.au

The branch secretary will then forward your enrolment to vice-principal to make arrangements for examination.

In the case of overseas candidates, the branch secretary/vice-principal will be deemed to be that of the branch to which the examiner is registered.

  • Following completion of examination, all papers are to be forwarded to the vice-principal for marking and then to the principal for checking and verification as applicable.

This process is to all for all examinations, including those undertaken by overseas candidates.

The principal will then advise national secretary and vice-principal of the result and the national secretary advises registrar for recording of member achievements. Certificates are prepared for presentation.


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