Voting opens for ballot of bands

Pipe Bands Australia national management committee has circulated the annual tranche of the ballot of bands prepared by the Principal Rules and Administration Jamie Forsyth for distribution to member bands.

On Saturday 16 September 2017, Pipe Bands Australia National Conference resolved to create an ensemble division within the Australian Pipe Band College. The purpose of this ballot is to enshrine the creation of the division within the Rules and regulations of Pipe Bands Australia.

One other submission to change current regulation is to remove restriction on solo pipers and drummers from competing in solo contests not promoted by Pipe Bands Australia was submitted by the Victorian Branch.

All ballot papers must be returned to the national Secretary by midnight, Friday 23 March 2017 following which the results will be submitted to national council for determination.

The ballot provides our members bands with the opportunity for direct input in proposals to amend contest regulations as submitted by branches, college or from council.

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