Form for notification of interchange, dual registered players

Principal Rules and Administration Jamie Forsyth and members of his panel have developed a new form for use by band using players under the interchange and dual registration rules.

The form aims to assist bands in meeting their obligations under the Contest Regulations and assist contest supervisors in performing their duties.

Interchange Players section: For each interchange player, bands will indicate which band the player will compete with (No.1 or No. 2), their name and how many times that player would have competed with that band at the conclusion of the contest.

Dual Registration: Bands will list any registered members of their band who will compete with another band (this may be a different entity or one within their own organisation); and for any players registered in another band who will compete in your band, so long as they have been approved by the Branch.

Rules and Administration panel encourages bands to to fully understand the rules in relation to both Interchange Players (rule A.3.03.04 [d]) and Dual Registration (rule A.3.07) if the band band utilises these provisions at contests. Your Vice-Principal or Branch will happily provide with guidance should you need it.

The form can be downloaded from our website site www.pipebandsaustralia.com.au/forms

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