College recommendations on juvenile band structure

A trial rule for the grading of juvenile bands and music requirements will be developed for implementation from 1 July following consultation with those bands late last year and recommendations made by Australian Pipe Bands College principals in reviewing survey data.

The consultation and review processes were adopted after discussion on proposals presented at the biennial national conference in September.

Under the trial rule:

  • The grading structure of juvenile bands in Australia will align with the structure – Juvenile, Novice A and Novice B

  • Pipe Bands Australia will adopt the Prescribed Tune List of the RSPBA for use in musical requirements in Novice A (4 parts march in 2/4 time signature, maybe 2 x 2 parts; 4 parts strathspey, may be 2 x 2 parts and 4 parts reel, may be 2 x 2 parts) and Novice B (4 x 2 parted Marches).

  • Branches and promoters (in consultation and agreement) may elect to offer only one element in juvenile competitions (alternating between MSR/SOM and Medley).

  • The grading structure for juvenile bands will not preclude those bands from competing in graded contests and, where so graded, the separate Grade 4 selection of marches event.

The review also considered the proposal to align the age requirements for Australian juvenile competitions with those in Scotland. However, it was the recommendation of college that no change be made.

National management committee in accepting the recommendations of college, acknowledged the considered input from school and community bands in Australia to the process that was crucial in gaining a nation-wide understanding of band wishes and aspirations.

The review also reinforced the strong appreciation for outstanding work across Australia by tutors with new generations of pipers and drummers.

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