Recognising achievement in our movement: recipients of new awards named this week

The first recipients of Pipe Bands Australia awards and inductees into the PBA Hall of Fame will be announced this week in the countdown to the 2018 Australian championships in Brisbane on Saturday.

The awards and Hall of Fame have been introduced to recognise outstanding achievement and contribution to the pipe band movement in Australia throughout its history.

Nominations for the awards closed in January and a four-member panel drawn from national councillors has been reviewing and assessing nominations for selection of the first 12 recipients of award categories - promotion and advancement of the movement, education and training, performance. Panel members have remarked that many nominees met criteria for all three categories and some have been selected for multiple awards.

The first 12 to be inducted into the Pipe Bands Australia Hall of Fame have been drawn from the three categories with all award recipients perpetually eligible for elevation to the Hall of Fame in future years. Under the award structure guidelines adopted by national council last September, a maximum of two new members will be inducted into the Hall of Fame in each future two-year period.

Announcements will be made each day from tomorrow of the award recipients, culminating on Friday with the Hall of Fame announcements.

Arrangements have been made for the presentation of special certificates to recipients present at the championships on Saturday.

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