Grading review 2018 commences

With completion of the 2018 Australian Pipe Band Championships, the period for grading review has commenced under the Rules of Pipe Bands Australia.

Branch grading committees are to commence and complete grading reviews, in conjunction with the Music Principals and the National Grading Committee, no later than 30 June.

The grading review checklist is available to be downloaded from the Pipe Bands Australia website www.pipebandsaustralia.com.au/forms and is to be observed throughout the process.

National Grading Committee advises of the following criteria to be applied when assessing a band in accordance with A.2.02.06(b), but which are also relevant at other times when grading is considered (ref A.2.02.09 & A.2.02.10):

  • Contest results over the past two years and any relevant comments from adjudicators on standard of performance, including recommendations for grading review. The guiding question being: “Is the band appropriately graded in relation to its performance?”

  • Musical assessment based on relative national standard for each grade and the proven performance of a band in its current grade and when compared with bands in a higher or lower grade at branch and Australian championships

  • The piping, drumming and ensemble proficiency demonstrated by a band over the period and its relative placement to other bands on a national/international level

  • In making recommendations for grading, any proposal for endorsement should allow a band to be competitive in Australian and international championships in that grade

  • The Grading Committee(s) do not take into account or make allowances for the personnel, including ‘Guest Players’, within the band. The band must recognise and take responsibility for the impact that the inclusion of ‘Guest Players’ may have on the performance and grading of the band.

  • Bands that have not competed during a continuous period of two years, are required to be re-allocated to a grade. Due diligence is required by branch grading committees on such requests

  • Consultation is to occur between Principals and Vice-Principals where there are recommendations for alteration to a band’s allocated grade.

This year’s review will also include the grading of juvenile bands following consultation with juvenile bands and consideration by College and national management committee. Bands will be graded Juvenile, Novice A or Novice B with future grading and tune requirements based on the RSPBA model, including MAP tunes.

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