Contest music requirements now fully mirror Scotland

Pipe Bands Australia will introduce a trial rule from 1 January 2019 that completes the process commenced two years ago to align contest music requirements in all grades with Scotland.

The process has recently included requests from the five current Australian Grade 2 bands. Four are planning to compete at Scottish championships next year.

College principals considered the views of those bands in making a recommendation to national management committee that decided to introduce the trial rule and include the proposal in February’s annual ballot of the bands to permanently amend the Contest Regulations.

Under the new rule, the requirements will be:

Grade 1: Two MSRs (drawn at line) and two medleys of 5-7 minutes (drawn at line)

Grade 2: Two MSRs (drawn at line) and medley of 4-6 minutes

Grade 3: MSR and medley with new time span of 3-5 minutes.

Under the trial rule effective 1 July 2018 that sees the introduction of grading for juvenile bands, the requirements will be:

Novice A: Four parts 2/4 march (maybe 2x2), four parts strathspey (may be 2x2), four parts reel (may be 2x2) Novice B: 4 x 2-part march music. Music from the RSPBA MAP list.

This trial rule will also be included in the 2019 ballot of the bands and was developed following consultation with current juvenile bands. A branch may, in consultation with promoters, also choose to offer a medley element in juvenile competitions or alternate elements between competitions.

The 2017 ballot formalised the MSR playing requirements for Grade 4 that are: Four parts 2/4 march (maybe 2x2), four parts strathspey (may be 2x2), four parts reel (may be 2x2) and medley of 3-5 minute. The MSR option of 4x2x2 parts was retained.

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