Adelaide to host first national piping title

The Australian Solo Piping Championships will be launched in Adelaide next April when soloists will be invited to compete for the nation’s top piping prize.

Pipe Bands Australian has awarded the new championships to its South Australian branch in partnership with the RU Brown Society.

The Australian Solo Drumming Championships commenced in 2015 and last year was conducted in Canberra for the first of the next three biennial presentations.

Pipe Bands Australia president Chris Earl said discussions with South Australian branch president Craig Masson, who also leads the RU Brown Society, had generated interest and commitment to commence the national solo piping championship.

“We were delighted that South Australia took the initiative to kick off what will be the nation’s premier piping competition showcasing the amazing musical talent within the Australian pipe band movement,” he said.

“Our commitment to advancement extends to piping, drumming and drum majors but until now, pathways were still to be fully developed for piping. The RU Brown Society is highly respected nationally and internationally and we believe will lay a firm foundation to grow the Australian Solo Piping Championship.”

Craig said: “We have a proud heritage in South Australia of promoting solo piping through our branch and the RU Brown Society.

“We thank Pipe Bands Australia for their confidence in entrusting to us the first Australian Solo Piping Championships that we believe will grow into a significance international event and showcase emerging pipers in Australia to the world.”

Pipe Bands Australia is also calling for expressions of interest to host the 2021, 2023 and 2025 Australian Solo Piping Championships. Expressions of interest close on 30 November.

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