November designated College examination month

Principals of the Australian Pipe Band College have designated November for the offering of syllabi examinations in all disciplines by branches.

The Pipe Bands Australia education and training arm is aiming to encourage more members to gain qualifications and skills through the structured syllabi that is internationally recognised.

The previous approach of examinations on-demand had challenged proper preparation and planning for examination periods.

The principals also hope college branches will add a second examination period to their calendar by embedding examinations with existing annual workshops and seminars.

Enrolments for annual November examinations will close on 30 September with examination timetables provided to candidates by the relevant vice-principals by mid-October.

Examination enrolment forms are available from the Pipe Bands Australia website www.pipebandsaustalia.com.au together with the fee schedule. Fees must be paid at time of enrolment.

National management committee has also adopted a principals’ recommendation for the introduction of adjudicator and contest supervisor professional development. Panel members will be required under undertake approved professional development modules at least once every two years.

Vice-principals will include completion of professional development in a new annual return form that also records submission of adjudicator logs and recommendations of members for consideration of appointment to the national list.

In reviewing regularity of branch college meetings, College principals expect branch college (all judges and contest supervisors) will meet at least annually with individual panels having the same meeting schedule to discuss college and individual discipline matters.



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