Grading, music proposals in 2019 ballot

The 2019 Pipe Bands Australia ballot of bands has been released for distributon through branch secretaries.

This year’s ballot includes the proposed introduction of Grade 4B as well as grading for juvenile bands.

The Grade 4B proposal follows monitoring of engagement since the introduction of the Grade 4 Selection of Marches event more than two years ago and its subsequent formalisation as a permanent rule. The grading of juvenile bands follows the 2017 national conference and consultation with juvenile bands prior to introduction of trial rule last year.

There is also a proposal to formalise the current trial rule on music requirements introduced for Grades 1, 2 and 3 following consultation with, and representation from, a number of bands on those grades.

Also included are proposals to formalise the small group contest trial rule, changes to registration periods and applying placings to all contests instead of points.

Australia’s Contest Regulations are owned and developed by the members of Pipe Bands Australia. Members, through their branches, national college and national management committee submit proposals to create, remove or amend clauses within our contest regulations. Each band has the opportunity to share their agreement or disapproval for each proposed change, which is considered by national council for adoption or rejection. Therefore, it is essential for band leaders to discuss proposed changes with their members to ensure a considered response.

All ballot papers must be returned to the national Secretary by midnight, Friday 29 March 2019 following which the results will be submitted to national council for determination.


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