Updated Contest Regulations released

The updated Contest Regulations of Pipe Bands Australia have been released following inclusion of amendments flowing from the 2019 Ballot of Bands and the subsequent approval of national council.

The latest edition of the Contest Regulations distributed to bands reflects changes including the introduction of Grade 4B and necessary amendments across various clauses.

The Rules and Administration Division under the leadership of Principal Jamie Forsyth is thanked for its contributions in reviewing and making the considerable amendments on this occasion.

Attention is also drawn to bands of the relevant clause relating to the required period membership of Pipe Bands Australia, or in the case of international bands their home association, for entry into the 2020 Australian Pipe Band Championships.

Regulation B.1.16.08 states: A band shall be eligible to lodge an entry to compete at an Australian Pipe Band Championship if and only if a] it has been registered with the Association or affiliated association for at least six months; and b] throughout that period of six months there have been players comprising the minimum complement prescribed in Rule B.1.02 for its grade registered as players for contest with the band.

A copy of the Contest Regulations can also be downloaded from the Pipe Bands Australia website http://www.pipebandsaustralia.com.au/rules-handbooks