Commitment to promoting solo pipers and drummers

Pipe Bands Australia councillors have voted to continue provide a framework for solo piping and drumming competitions under its rules and committed to auspice and promote Australian solo championships in the two disciplines.

The future of solo championships and competitions was reviewed as part of the White Paper process with the review panel recognising that PBA-auspiced competitions were the only solo engagement in some states.

“Across branches the level of activity in the solo space varies – some branches are solely the promoters of piping and drumming, in others there is a mixture of competitions offered both under Pipe Bands Australia rules and by kindred, but unaffiliated piping organisations, or others still where piping is with external organisations and drumming within Pipe Bands Australia,” the White Paper noted.

“The only constant is that solo drumming is offered by all branches. This situation created confusion with membership and eligibility of players, particularly pipers, that was in part resolved by a decision in 2017 to remove the restriction on members competing on non-PBA sanctioned solo events.”

Councillors also adopted a White Paper recommendation to develop a consistent musical requirement across grades for implementation at all solo piping and drumming competitions and championships with consideration to such contests and championships also including own choice musical selections in addition to set requirements.

Music principals will also seek input from kindred organisations in the Australian solo space in developing consistent musical requirements.


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