Support, flexibility on membership

Greater consideration will be provided to bands experiencing fluctuating membership to enable them to continue membership of Pipe Bands Australia.

The minimum number of players required to be registered as a band will remain at seven – the size of a mini-band – however, discretion over a four-year period will be provided under the rules.

Membership flexibility was subject to a number of recommendations in the White Paper considered by national councillors at their biennial conference this month.

Council reaffirmed its commitment to encouraging affiliate membership of kindred organisations, setting the affiliate membership fee as equal to a band membership fee. Members of approved affiliated organisations will have their membership recognised at PBA events but it will not carry any voting rights.

It was also agreed that bands (including schools) with multiple bands within the one entity be required to pay only one band membership fee from 2020.

This change recognises and encourages the growth in school and community bands with multiple bands. Four school bands in Australia now each have three bands within their education programs.


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