Training examinations to move online

Online theory examinations will be introduced as part of a new structure for Pipe Bands Australia’s pipe band college that will be implemented following this month’s biennial national conference.

The online components will be progressively introduced from 2020, beginning with introductory levels for piping, drumming and drill and dress.

The introductory music levels will aim to give players a recognised benchmark of achievement within the first 18 months of beginning their journey as a piper or drummer, setting the foundations for incremental advancement through the syllabus. Additional examination levels will also be introduced to bridge the leap in proficiency requirements of existing levels. Recommended tune lists will be developed to assist and guide examination candidate in preparing suitable repertoire for each level.

The current music examination incremental structure of preliminary, elementary, intermediate and advanced will be augmented by the new levels with the attention also being given to time requirements for each examination.

The introduction of online theory examinations was a key recommendation of the White Paper formally presented at conference following consultation and feedback from members, bands and branches. The technology initiative will assist in increasing accessibility to the internationally-recognised training syllabus of college. A new preparatory level course in drill and dress will be designed to introduce new players to the rudiments of marching, recognition and understanding of mace signals and in the wearing of a band uniform.

Conference also adopted the White Paper recommendation to introduce a short course for band trainer accreditation. The new course will give recognition of skills in band education and confidence to bands when enlisting assistance.

The syllabi and examination enrolment fees will be released shortly.


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