Points give way to placings from 1 January

Updated: Mar 28

Placings will be used to determine results in all music and drum major contests conducted under the Contest Regulations of Pipe Bands Australia from 1 January 2020.

The decision of national management committee follows an extensive period of consultation and review of a proposal carried in the 2019 Ballot of Bands that advocated the change from a decision of bands to use points two years earlier endorsed by national council at the time.

The proposal, supported by a majority of bands in the 2019 ballot, was further discussed at national conference in September and subject to additional review and recommendation by College principals.

Under the recommendation from Principals adopted by national management committee, placings and not points will be released on the official sheets from contests for all music elements in band, mini-band and solo competitions, including the drum major solo. The drum major solo will use the placing system of the RSPBA – placings for marching and deportment, flourish and dress fault totals to determine total points to achieving placings.

Placings will also be used in street march competitions where the disciplines of piping, drumming and drill are weighted equally.

No change has been made for the dress inspection and other drill competitions where points will continue to be awarded.

The Contest Regulations will be amended to reflect the changes as contained in the proposal in the 2019 Ballot of Bands and where not covered, a trial rule will be in place pending Contest Regulation amendment processes to be conducted in February/March 2020.


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