Ballot of Bands

On behalf of Pipe Bands Australia National Management Committee, members will find a ballot of bands prepared by Phil Weber in his position as Principal Rules and Administration.

The proposed amendments address changes considered necessary to the musical structure of the MSR and Selection of Marches for some competition grades at PBA competitions. Prior to these ballots being circulated, there has been a significant attempt to consult as widely as possible.

The grade 4b ballot is aimed at optimising the opportunity for bands in that grade to get on the competition park, whilst also allowing bands with international travel aspirations to align their tune selections to the requirements of both the RSPBA and RNZPB. The grade 3 ballot suggests a removal of the limitation of four parts on 2/4 march, which some bands at the top of this grade have found to be an unnecessary limitation on tune selection. The musical requirements for all other grades were reviewed during this process and there was no desire for any further amendments.

You will find below ballot paper and supporting material that will be useful in your deliberations available for download.

The ballot of bands is your band’s direct input into the development and refinement of regulations affecting the operation of contests. Please take the time to review these proposed amendments and respond directly to via the formal ballot paper.

All ballot papers must be returned to the national Secretary by midnight, Friday 15th May 2021 following which the results will be submitted to National Council for determination. Thank you for your participation.

Ainsley Hart


Pipe Bands Australia

Download PDF • 1.46MB

Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to circulate this to members and bands nationally using provided email addresses. In the event a band is yet to receive the ballot paper it is requested that said band make contact without delay to the National Secretary via so the national membership database can be rectified and/or updated