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Across Australia
New South Wales

A south eastern Australian state distinguished by its coastlines and national parks.

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Covering Australia’s north east Queensland features a coastline stretching nearly 7,000 km.

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South Australia

Australia’s fourth largest state and territory it is now considered one of the best areas for winemaking in the world.

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The island state of Australia lies 240 km from the Southern Mainland of Australia.

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Encompassing mountains and natural parks wineries and surfing beaches Victoria lies in Australia’s south east.

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Western Australia

Covering the entire western third of Australia WA is made up mostly of arid Outback.

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About PBA

Our Purpose & Values

As defined in the ‘Rules for Pipe Bands Australia Incorporated’, Pipe Bands Australia (PBA) stands for:

Promotion & Advancement

The promotion and advancement of Scottish Culture in Australia, particularly all aspects of Pipe Band activities and culture.


The creation of a bond of fellowship between Pipe Bands and their members within Australia and elsewhere.


The devising & operating of rules for pipe band, piping & drumming contests in Australia.


The creation & maintenance of a system affording reciprocal rights to Pipe Bands and their members in Australia and elsewhere.


The establishment & operation of an Australia Pipe Band College as a body setting, maintaining & improving standards in all aspects of Pipe Band activity.

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Pipe Bands In Australia

A Journey Over
150 Years

In 2012 Stephen Matthews compiled the history of Pipe Bands Australia for publication in the 2012 Australian Pipe Band Championships program.

Archive of Office Bearers

Take a look at Pipe Bands Australia’s volunteers past and present and their years of valuable service.


In recognition of membership, service and achievement browse the Pipe Bands Australia award halls.

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