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Australian Pipe Band College


Australian Pipe Band College

Bagpiping Syllabus

Education and Advancement in the discipline of Piping is afforded through the Australian Pipe Band College certificates as outlined below.

Certification in Piping is available at the levels of Preliminary, Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced. These are designed as the formal playing qualifications of the Australian Pipe Band College and are aimed at musicians looking to further themselves with respect to this discipline.

Further, the Teaching Diploma syllabus is the formal teaching qualification of the Australian Pipe Band College. It is aimed at those musicians who are qualified in music at either Intermediate or Advanced level and who wish to develop skills and knowledge in basic teaching methodologies.

Principal of Piping

Scott Nicolson

Scott is the driving force behind the International success of The Scots School Albury and was appointed to the Australian Pipe Band College at the 2023 National Conference by the National Council of Pipe Bands Australia.


Australian Pipe Band College