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Pipe Bands Australians sincerely thanks all members of our band family across the nation for their wonderful participation in today’s ANZAC Day – Amazing Grace at 11am. The special tribute has continued our movement’s heritage and tradition of support for veterans on Australia’s sacred day of commemoration. Ninety-year-old Pipe Major Emeritus of Sydney’s Clan MacLeod...
On the eve of ANZAC Day 2020, Pipe Bands Australia thanks the many hundreds of pipers across the nation who will be performing Amazing Grace at 11am. The tribute to men and women who have served Australia in times of war, conflict and peace will continue our tradition over more than a century of providing...
Pipers across Australia are preparing to continue more than a century of tradition by performing on ANZAC Day this Saturday. From their front yards, hundreds of pipers are expected to play Amazing Grace at 11am as a tribute to those who have served Australia in conflict and peace.

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