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South Pacific Pipe Band Championship

A newly signed agreement between the Royal New Zealand Pipe Band Association and Pipe Bands Australia will see a triennial South Pacific Pipe Band Championship held in conjunction with the two countries’ National Pipe Band Championships.

New Zealand will host the first of the series with the 2023 South Pacific Pipe Band Championship. 

RNZPBA President Ian Blakely and PBA President Ainsley Hart recently signed off on the new agreement following discussions between the two organisations and PBA Council ratification at this year’s National Conference.

The full prospective schedule is 

  • 2023 – New Zealand
  • 2026 – Australia
  • 2029 – New Zealand
  • 2032 – Australia

We hope that bands from Australia, New Zealand and accross our region including Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore will consider including these dates in their forward planning and we all look forward to these years being truly international contests.

Ainsley Hart, President Pipe Bands Australia

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